Doc Jazz Drops New Tribute To Walid Itayim

doc jazz

We first heard from Doc Jazz three years ago upon the release of his single “Twenty Twenty“. That record introduced The Static Dive readers to Dr. Tariq Shadid. Born in the Netherlands to Palestinian parents, he currently lives in the UAE where he works as a surgeon. When not saving lives, the musical physician composes and records genre-bending original tunes. 

Since his 2007 debut, Doc Jazz has released two full length albums and a series of standalone singles and videos. He has connected with fans around the world on popular tracks like 2020’s “Oxygen”. On his latest single, Shadid pays tribute to a fallen friend by showcasing the late artist’s virtuosity.

“That Train” is the brand new video from Doc Jazz, released worldwide via the artist’s YouTube channel. The song is a rerecording of a track he originally released in 2006. It was a favorite of the doctor’s late friend, Palestinian/Lebanese guitar legend Walid Itayim, who also appears on the recording.

The track opens on a funk and Americana-infused freight train rhythm, as Walid rocks some smoking acid rock guitar. Doc Jazz steps to the mic. Strumming his acoustic guitar he sings of the titular missing train. Meanwhile the band lays down a bluesy genre-fluid groove. In the bridge, Itayim and Shadid’s bass player son Faisal deliver a red-hot jazz fusion jam. 

Check out “That Train” below. You can read more about the song and Walid Itayim on the Doc Jazz website. Follow the links below to connect with the artist.

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