Van Verder – New Love And The Sum Of Things

van verder

Van Verder are old friends of The Static Dive. Their song “About Us” was one of the first to be featured, way back in 2019. That very chill bit of ambient EDM/Pop is still a big favorite around here. VV appeared here again in May of 2020 when they dropped the groovy downtempo instrumental, “Sockdollager.” You can hear the futuristic speakeasy tune on the Deep Indie Chill playlist.

Although they keep their individual identities close to the vest, we know that Van Verder are a collective of musicians from across a broad spectrum of musical genres. They have a visceral and cerebral sound that defies classification, yet remains accessible. Their songs flow freely from Pop to Hip-hop, Trip-hop to R&B and then back around again. The name ‘Van Verder’ is a Dutch phrase meaning “From Beyond,” and it reflects the diverse origins of the group’s music.

Sum of Things” is the latest single from Van Verder, released to all major streaming services on February 5, 2021. True to form, they have once again delivered a genre-bending, wildly creative and infectiously memorable bop. A breakbeat rhythm serves as the heartbeat of the track. That beat, paired a vintage vocal sample, supplies the song with an old-school Hip-hop groove.

The main melodic riff comes in the form of some trippy, wobbly wah-wah synth chords. A stereo delay shifts those keys around the mix as they bounce off other syncopated melodic and percussive elements. The experimental vibe brings to mind some of Radiohead’s later, more electronic work. However, vocalist ADAV’s smooth R&B style gives the track more soul than Thom Yorke could ever hope to muster.

It’s a musical collage of a person’s ambience that draws you in. Every detail of what makes them unique is the very reason they’re constantly on your mind.  It’s beyond the quintessential visual perspective but truly seeing them. It’s an anthem for those moments when you’re not together, the previous experience consumes you and all that matters is what adventure is going to come next. 

Van Verder on “Sum of Things”

Check out “Sum of Things,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Van Verder and dive into the mystery.






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