Richard Berger’s Beautiful & Intimate New EP

richard berger

We first heard from Richard Berger in January upon the release of his album “Where Did it Go?” That record introduced readers of The Static Dive to a veteran singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer who recently launched a solo career after a lifetime of music making. The album showcased a talented musician and songwriter with equal stylistic footing in modern Indie and classic Pop & Rock.

Originally from New Jersey, Richard Berger relocated to Southern California in 2005 where he currently lives and works as the CEO of a tech company. In 2018 he rekindled a 40-year music career. Since dropping his debut full-length LP in December 2020, he has released a series of singles. Each track was a precursor to his follow-up EP “Gone Gone Gone,” currently available on Bandcamp with a wide distribution release scheduled for later this year.

The four song collection is a deeply personal chronicle of the emotional toll of isolation wrought by the pandemic and the subsequent demise of a relationship. The record opens on the smooth 70’s Pop/Jazz vibes and dark moods of the title track. Richard Berger’s electric piano meets lush ambient synths, a cool Funk envelope bass and a downtempo Lo-fi beat as he sings of the loneliness and general ennui of life in lockdown.

A modern Indie Pop beat and a trippy bit of wah-wah guitar introduce “Alone,” a breezy meditation on living in the limbo of an on-again/off-again relationship. Although he usually flies solo, Richard is joined on the track by NY vocalist Maisie May. An accomplished artist in her own right, regulars around here will remember her 2020 single “Colors We Dreamt.” The two play opposite ends of the unhealthy dynamic as Berger sings, “Leave me alone” and Maisie responds with, “Tell me you’re in my pocket.”

May joins Richard again on “I Don’t Know,” a melancholy tune about finding the courage to leave a relationship. Her airy, ethereal vocals float on a bed of lush analog synths and a mellow groove. The record closes on an intimate solo take on the title track. Richard Berger delivers his somber soliloquy alone at his piano with only some ambient keys as accompaniment.

“Gone, Gone, Gone” is a beautiful and heartbreaking slice of life amidst the confusion of our trying times. Check out the “Alone” video below and download your copy of the EP at Bandcamp. You can hear the single “Alone” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Richard Berger and get in the loop on all of the projects to come from this talented and prolific artist.  

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