Three Eyes’ Genre-bending New ‘Junior’

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Three Eyes – Junior

There is always an air of mystery to every Three Eyes release. Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember their 2019 EP “New Realms” and their eponymous 2020 full length album. Those records introduced us to Jewel Marsh, a multi-instrumentalist composer/producer who molds the sounds of Hip-hop, Classical, Electro-Pop, Jazz and more into a wonderfully unclassifiable sound all his own.

Since 2018, Three Eyes has produced a steady stream of records and remixes. His music has found worldwide fans of genres ranging from Pop to Trip-hop and everything in between. Although his music is often instrumental, it is not strictly so. Marsh frequently collaborates with singers and rappers from around the world.

“Junior” is the brand new album from Three Eyes, released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 11, 2022. The 12-track collection continues and expands upon the inquisitive artist’s exploration of multi-genre musical imagery. The record is an adventurous mix of classic cinema and modern Electronic, Pop and Rock music.

The album opens with the Lo-fi electronic and found sounds of “Bonding with Captor.” Here and on the subsequent “Too Late,” Three Eyes’ musical union of human and robotic sounds brings to mind the work of pioneering avant-garde band The Residents. The latter track introduces a nice Nu-Jazz vibe as well.

The cryptic poem “A Seer Weak” feeds our underlying suspicion that there is a story behind the music. However it remains as elusive as ever as we travel through the analog synth-fueled, epic instrumental “Defendant in Servitude.” “Chapel Perilous” pairs a downtempo Trip-hop groove with an ensemble freestyle from rappers Sabrelo Cyprian, A Dub and Eva Omega. The emcees drop philosophical rhymes on topics ranging from the Buddha to Michael Jackson. It’s a cool mix with some unexpected musical turns.

“Junior,” “Gregor” and “Mammon’s Lament 2” are a trio of cinematic pieces that use strings and synths with melodic electronic bass lines and Hip-hop beats to paint anachronistic cinematic scenes. 80’s synths ride Trap beats as a 40’s orchestra performs in the distance. It is a wild sound that lives somewhere between Synthwave and Jazz. “Bathtime at Avenues’ ‘ follows with a fun and funky Zappa-inspired Lo-fi instrumental.

“Ladder” is a real highpoint with a beautiful mix of Flaming Lips-style Alt/Electronic vibes and Three Eyes’ own Hip-hop roots. He digs even deeper into those roots with the Boombap beat and freestyle rhymes of “Reunion.” Featured artists Sabelo Cyprian and The Tortured Orator deliver their revolutionary manifesto with sides of philosophy and Sci-fi over a beat that is one part De La Soul and one part Pink Floyd.

The record closes on the beautiful instrumental “A Dream of Choice.” A melodic acoustic guitar introduces the song on a funky breakbeat. Soon, a signature Three Eyes bass melody slides in and the mix continues to grow. After the tune builds into an anthemic climax, a trio of horns introduce a smooth Latin Jazz vibe. The song sways to and fro from quiet solitude to theatrical ballad before closing on a triumphant and emotional trumpet solo.

Three Eyes has a Knack for musical theater. “Junior” feels like the soundtrack to a movie we want to see. With musical elements ranging from classic Pop to avant-garde electronic, Three Eyes creates a sonically and emotionally complex musical world. Check out “Junior” below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the tracks “Ladder” and “A Dream of Choice” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Three Eyes. Get on his socials and dig into a fantastic catalog of music.

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