NIzhNA’s Heartbreaking Anthem For Ukraine


Since the start of the horrific war Ukraine people around the world have done what they can to help. In such crises, we apply whatever expertise we possess toward the cause. Although artistic contributions are not always tangible, they can at times be the most impactful and longest lasting. For her latest single and video, Ukrainian singer NIzhNA and an ensemble of her fellow country men and women deliver their contribution from the front lines.

Before the war NIzhNA was a rising singing star in her home country. A participant in the Ukrainian version of The Voice, she has won numerous national and international singing competitions. She began her musical training in childhood, studying multiple disciplines including accordion, folk dance choreography and of course singing. She is an alumnus of Kyiv Glier’s Music College, graduating in 2012 with honors. She then entered the Glier’s Academy of Music, where she received a Master’s degree in Vocalist, teacher of pop singing, and ensemble leader.

“On Our Homeland (Ukraine)” is the powerful new single and video from NIzhNA. A solo piano opens the song with a melody of somber minor-key jazz chords. The singer steps to the mic with her heart wrenching testimony of the horror and destruction she and her fellow Ukrainians have been forced to endure. Soon the beat drops on a powerfully emotional modern rock power ballad. 

An ensemble of top musicians from Ukraine recorded each of their parts remotely from various locations around the country. With war literally at their doorsteps, the brave musicians found their way to recording studios to report the war crimes of Vladimir Putin. At center stage is NIzhNA who delivers a visceral performance with virtuosic grace.

This is not just a song about war. It is a work that reveals the emotions of Ukrainian Mothers


Watch NIzhNA’s “On Our Homeland (Ukraine)” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. You will also find links to other artists who have offered their talents toward the cause. If you would like to help, please consider donating to the relief effort.

“They are bringing homes and cities to the ground
They’re shooting people and burying them underground
Let the truth be known, Eternal Verity
Our spirit you will never overcome
Can not burn away Ukrainian freedom
Because it’s our homeland and it’s called Ukraine”

“On Our Homeland (Ukraine)” by NIzhNA

Drums: Vadym Kolisnichenko
Bass: Oleksandr Bortnikov
Piano: Oleksiy Shevtsov
Guitar: Oleksiy Biruk
Vocals: Nina Basyuk (NIzhNA)
Director: Oleksiy Kyrys’
Video: Oleksandr Artiukh, Oleh Chemerys
Editor: Mykola Basyuk
Color Correction and Grading: Andrii Orlyk
Lighting: Oleksiy Kyrys’
Audio: Mykola Basyuk

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