Jxckson’s Sexy & Adventurous EP “Paradox”


Jxckson is an old friend of The Static Dive. Regular readers will remember when the Austin, Texas based singer first appeared on these pages way back in 2019. He had just released his debut single “Icarus.” That fun and funky jab at his ex-boyfriend introduced us to a witty lyricist with keen Pop sensibilities and soulful vocals. Since then Jxckson has dropped a steady string of singles, each showing a different side of the multi-faceted artist. 

From the sexy Dark Pop of “Keep Watching” to the irreverent and infinitely danceable “Mango,” over the past 18 months Jxckson has spun witty tales of love and sex into infectiously catchy tunes. On May 21, 2021 the fast-rising star took the next big step in his career with the release of his debut EP “Paradox,” a collection of six original songs and two spoken word poems penned by Jxckson’s sister Felicia. The record finds the singer further expanding his stylistic range by delving into multiple musical genres, 

Paradox is about embracing all the different parts of myself, like being both shy and confident… and finally understanding it’s not weird to be both.


“Paradox” opens with a Jazz groove and a bit of fun on the track “Elevator Pitch.” We listen as Jxckson introduces himself to us and to his unnamed elevator co-occupant. We get a taste of his flirty nature, classic vocal style and sense of humor as tries to explain the unique spelling of his name. The sultry “Ready for Love?” continues the Jazz vibes with a Bossa Nova groove and just a touch of Trap as Jxckson sings, “Wrap me up in your love.”

After the dark sexual energy of the record’s first poem “Black Widow,” the singer delivers the Latin dance groove of “Curiosity.” Over deep analog synths and a laid-back beat Jxckson encourages a potential love interest to try something new. The Reggaeton infused “Mango” follows with a hard dance beat centered around the clever wordplay of “I think it’s about time that you let your man go.” 

Felicia’s poem “Forbidden Fruit” flows perfectly into the narrative of the record and works as an excellent transition from “Mango” to the radio-ready retro-synthwave Pop of “A Little More.” The EP closes on the nostalgic and melancholy piano ballad “That Summer.” With shades of The Beatles and classic 70’s contemporary Pop, the track feels immediately familiar. The wistful torch song is a real highpoint on the record with Jxckson performing at the top of his game as both a singer and songwriter.

The new EP “Paradox” by Jxckson is the sound of a talented young artist coming into his own with a collection of six expertly crafted and stylistically adventurous Pop songs. Check it out in its entirety below. You can also hear the song “Ready For Love?” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist and “That Summer” on the Deep Indie Songwriters. Follow the links below to connect with this talented young artist on the rise.

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