Alex Genadinik’s Uplifting Sound

alex genadinik

Alex Genadinik is a singer/songwriter based in New York City where he regularly performs his music at local bars and other venues. Over the past two years he has released a string of original singles. Regular readers of The Static Dive are familiar with his music from tracks like “The Road Not Taken,” “Oh Michaelangelo” and “Guardians of Souls.”

His music often finds inspiration in history and art through the ages. Classical literature, poetry and paintings all color his relatable songs. He pairs these familiar tropes with meaningful and rich songs with metaphors that touch on our shared humanity. He writes optimistic songs and songs about support that find a common ground for all who listen and deal with universal themes of love, longing and loss.

In addition to his creative work, Alex Genadinik is a top 1% online instructor in the fields of business, marketing, and personal development. He is also a large course licenser helping businesses create their own Elearning platforms. Click here to learn more about how his course licensing works. 

Check out Alex Genadinik’s recent single and video “The One Who Didn’t” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links to connect with Alex Genadinik, Get in the loop on all of the many projects from this talented and multifaceted artist, businessman and educator. 

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