PsychCloned Closes Out An Epic 2022

PsychCloned Closes Out An Epic 2022 1

PsychCloned is Gabriel Pureco. Static Dive readers know the name well. Over the past couple of years, the North Carolina-based composer and producer has appeared on these pages nearly two dozen times. In that time he has created an expansive musical catalog with a worldwide cast of characters.

The PsychCloned musical journey began in 2020. Pureco had set out to make music inspired by his favorite video games. That simple plan quickly evolved into a genre-smashing multi-album collaboration with an international cast of virtuosos. 

Usual suspects include Ukrainian drummer Space Hobo, Argentinian bassist Marco Ignacio Toba, UK guitarist Ryan Jones and Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Camilo D.G. They dropped new music throughout 2021. PsychCloned continued to evolve, incorporating new musical idioms and more live instrumentation with each new release. The versatile creator hit his stride in 2022.

Pureco welcomed the new year with the twenty-six minute prog-rock epic, “Perlivash“. A remarkable series of monthly releases followed. With each new record he further expanded the scope of the PsychCloned sound, from jazz fusion jams like “Leap of Faith” and “White Lotus” to wild EDM/rock mash-ups like “Enigma“. The project’s arsenal of musicians continued to expand as well. Gabriel brought his entire arsenal of musicians together in October for the celebratory “Our Melodia“.

The sheer volume of music produced by the PsychCloned team this year is incredible. In just twelve months the project has produced a dozen singles, three EPs and two full length albums. Even more impressive however is the diverse musical vocabulary of the musicians involved, and the seemingly boundless creativity of the project’s creator.

To close out this monumental year, PsychCloned went back to where it all began. Tumultuous Re-explored is the brand new album from PsychCloned, released worldwide via all major streaming services on December 9, 2022. As the title suggests, the 10-song collection takes a new look at PsychCloned’s second album.

From the percussive orchestral intro of “Awaken” to the beautiful and cinematic closer “Beyond the Horizon”, Gabriel Pureco and remixer/guitarist Ryan Jones introduce the old PsychCloned to the new. Frequent collaborators like Space Hobo, Marco Ignacio Toba and saxophonist Donata Greco return to bring the new vision to life. Along the way they explore the outer reaches of rock, pop, latin, jazz, cinematic, classical and edm.

In true PsychCloned fashion, the record takes listeners on a joyous genre-bending journey. Upbeat jazz jams (“Free Spirited”) meet smooth salsa grooves (“Seize the Moment”). Synthwave vibes and electro-rock riffs (“Nostalgia”) are bookended by 70s-inspired piano ballads (“Passage of Time”) and rousing modern-rock anthems (“Catharsis”).

Tumultuous Re-explored delights and surprises at every turn. Pureco, Jones and company are performing at the top of their game. The album is an impressive achievement on its own. In the context of the entire PsychCloned story, it is a testament to the fearless creative spirit and limitless musical ability of a talented young composer and his globe-dotting squad.

"The album will take you through several highs and lows, as each song is composed in a unique blend of genres to drive you towards a life-changing journey!"
Gabriel Pureco

Check out Tumultuous Re-explored in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the track “Beyond the Horizon” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with PsychCloned. Get on his socials and join Gabriel Pureco as this amazing musical adventure continues to unfold.


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