Sabet and Doherty Share The Secret

Sabet and Doherty

“The Secret” is the new 4-song EP from songwriting duo of Sabet and Doherty, two veterans of New York’s legendary live music scene.

Luis M Aragon – Time To Move On

luis m aragon

“Time To Move On” is the theatrical new piano ballad torch song from San Diego, CA composer, playwright and theatre director, Luis M Aragon

Getting Lost With Coolnushi


“Alone” is debut single from independent Santa Cruz, CA producer, Coolnushi. The track is a fun & chaotic mix of hyperpop, hip-hop and EDM.

IOVA Drops New Dark Pop Love

IOVA Drops New Dark Pop Love 1

“Side by Side” is the emotionally complex new dark pop love song from internationally known Romanian singer/songwriter, IOVA