10 Random Songs About Weed

Weed has gone mainstream. Legal dispensaries are popping up across the United States and around the world. You can even invest in pot on the US Stock Exchange.

In this area of course, musicians have been way ahead of the curve.  Artists from Bob Dylan to Peter Tosh have been calling on the world to “Legalize It” for decades. Independent artists have plenty to say on the subject well.

Check out this list of 10 songs about the virtues Mary Jane, pulled from The Static Dive archives. Read about them below and listen on SpotifyWe hope you enjoy. And please, toke responsibly.

On the beach, in the city, or in outer space, indie artists love weed

10 Random Songs About Weed 1

Taste Of Chicano – Weed, Love & Hip-Hop From Chicago

Taste of Chicano is a Hip-hop music duo comprised of two brothers, born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. “Devilish” is their new single, available everywhere.

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sexxy shaman

Sexxy Shaman Raises The Vibe With Red Love

Sexxy Shaman is a singer, songwriter, educator and healer who is raising spiritual awareness through her music and through her work at The Soul Lab.

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sativa fire

Sativa Fire’s New Track Smokes Up The Coastline

“Coastline” is the hot new Trap/Reggae ode to weed and and the Florida sunshine from singer, songwriter, rapper and producer, Sativa Fire.

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Rhythm The M3

Rhythm The M3 Smokes Up In The Ganja Room

“Ganja Room” by Dallas rapper Rhythm The M3 is a cool, chillout ode to the chillest room in the house.

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Rastacana – New Vibes In The Name of Ganja

Rastacana is the Rastaman of Punta Cana. He shares his passions for music, cooking, travel and weed on his latest single and video “In the Name”

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Nigel – Quarantine Vol. 2: Still Blazing

Chicago’s, Nigel drops his 2nd report from lockdown. “Quarantine Vol.2: Still Blazing” is a great ride through life, love, weed and Hip-hop in 2020

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10 Random Songs About Weed 2

Mr. Johnny Ba$h – I Love That Cali Weed

“I Love That Cali Weed” is the latest single & video from the new EP ‘Mr. Johnny Ba$h is a Dope MC” by NorCal indie Rock/Hip-hop artist Mr. Johnny Ba$h

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Bruce Buddah and SeeJee

Bruce Buddah and SeeJee Get Blazed in a New Summerdaze

Bruce Buddah and SeeJee drop the perfect jam for the season. “Summerdaze” is their answer to classic summertime anthems.

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Bachaco Smoke Up La Policía In Their New Video

On their fun and infectiously catchy new song and video, “La Policía,” Bachaco stumble into a bizarro reality in which the police party like a bunch of Rastas

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airyen vay

Airyen Vay – Love Me Like You’re High

LA-based and Romania-born Pop/R&B singer/songwriter Airyen Vay drops a brand new video for her emotionally powerful “Love Me Like You’re High”

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