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PXNKCHVMP Drops New HxneyBuns

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Brooklyn born and Jersey-based PXNKCHVMP drops “HxneyBuns,” a bit of psychedelic Trap with old-school analog synths and a smooth melodic flow

malcom payton

Malcolm Payton – More Than Perfect

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Malcolm Payton is a multi-instrumental who at 49 launched a new career as a producer. “More Than Perfect” is his soulful debut album of Jazz-infused R&B & Pop


PPJ’s Uplifting Deep House Médard

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Belgian Deep Melodic House producer PPJ delivers his latest, the beautiful & uplifting instrumental “Médard,” inspired by the birth of a friend’s child.


Wraiths’ Powerful Call For Revolution

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Wraiths drop the fist-pumping anthem “Call For Revolution,” built on a foundation of Metal guitars, fiery political commentary and a love of Roland’s TB303.